Coffee House Collection

Start your next great adventure with a

Great Cup of Java!

It starts the day off right and is the perfect companion while you take in the morning views from the window of your RV.

Savour small moments

A good cup of coffee is one of life’s little pleasures. It enhances every moment, especially from the steps of your RV as the sun climbs over the horizon.

As we like to say: Life happens RVing and coffee helps!

We believe a great RV experience is a collection of the big, momentous moments, as well as the small ones, like a great cup of coffee. At RV Care, we want to “fuel” all those moments by offering our fellow RVers with our own special blend of RV Traveler’s Choice coffee.

A blend for all seasons

RV Traveler’s Choice coffee is a superb medium roast blend that leaves subtle notes of nuts and chocolate on the palette. It’s a versatile blend to enjoy as you try to pry open your eyelids in the morning or over a campfire after a day hiking the trails.

Master Roasters

RV Traveler’s Choice coffee is produced by Reunion Coffee Roasters, a proud 2nd generation Canadian company that has been an industry leader in the specialty coffee community for more than 50 years. Legendary for their skill in the fine art of blending and roasting, they enjoy the reputation of being a “roaster’s roaster”. Their other credentials include being B Corporation certified, which means they support the sustainable cultivation, harvesting and production of, yes, this little pleasure so many of us enjoy.

Brew for thought?

And while you’re enjoying that first cup of the day, we thought you’d like to read a few highlights on the origins of one of the world’s favourite beverages.

A short history

Unlike its ancient competitor, tea, coffee is a relative newcomer to the beverage menu, having migrated from Ethiopia sometime in the 15th century, where it is believed to have originated, to the Arabian peninsula, Turkey and finally landing in Europe in the 1600’s.

Medieval baristas?

Interestingly enough, the concept of a coffee house – you know, a place where people can come and enjoy a cup and socialise – developed quickly. Coffee houses were widespread in the Middle East as early as the 15th century. Sorry, Starbucks.

Not your daddy’s morning grog

Once having taken root in Europe, it quickly replaced wine and beer as the morning beverage of choice, no doubt due in no small way to the delightful side effects of increased energy and alertness.

You say you want to start a revolution?

As a British colony, North America was a realm of tea drinkers. That is  until a small group of disgruntled colonists disguised as Native Americans decided to dump over 46 tons of the stuff into the Boston Harbour in protest over an unfair tax levied by the king. The Boston Tea Party was one of the flash points that sparked the American revolution, and from that point onward, Americans became coffee drinkers.

Enjoy and save!

Have you seen the price of coffee lately? No worries! A box of RVTC coffee costs just $52.98 and contains 42 sealed packs with each pack capable of brewing 8-10 cups. That’s up to a total of 420 cups of coffee for less than $0.15/cup!

Coffee House Collection

42 sealed packets
(2 oz. per packet) of fresh ground coffee.

Each packet produces
8-10 cups.

To be used in a pour-over coffee machine, with filter or French Press.

1 box makes 420 cups!
That’s less than 0.15 cents per cup!

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